Connecting with business partners. By joining the Association of Entrepreneurs of Herzegovina, you become a member of a reputable association of entrepreneurs, you take part in various joint events and expand your network of contacts.

Representing common interests. We represent, support and promote our common interests towards official bodies, syndicates, NGOs and the public.

Increasing the visibility of Your company. Through membership in the Association of Entrepreneurs of Herzegovina, Your company will increase its visibility through various informative and promotional activities, as well as through becoming a part of the brand of the Association as an organization which advocates responsibility towards the whole of society and socio-economic development.

Access to information. We will facilitate access to up-to-date information about our partner organization, open possibilities of finding business partners, as well as information regarding the current economic situation in the city and region.
Expertise. Our professional team possesses knowledge, ideas and expert experience and offers our members valuable services according to available time.